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Anhloi is the most professional factory for quartz countertops in Vietnam.

ANH LOI New Tech Co., Ltd Was established in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, In 2018, with 10,000 sqm for fabrication cut to size workshop and export volume of 40-50 containers per month.

Based on the experience of opening Anh Loi fabrication factory in Binh Duong and expanding business development needs, we set up a new quartz slabs factory named BAO PHAT (Viet Nam) NEW MATERIAL COMPANY LIMITED in Vietnam to support our continuous growing business.

BAO PHAT (Viet Nam) NEW MATERIAL COMPANY LIMITED has around 30,000 sqm equipped with G-VI, the first-class automated production lines for manufacturing 100 containers of quartz slabs per month. 

Our quartz is 100% made in Vietnam, and its standard is no less than 90% pure quartz sand, which results in zero stain complaints.

We have a technical laboratory with a distinguished design team that can create new colors and veins per the Client’s requirements. We quickly adapt and always strive to be at the forefront of innovation.

Each of us in our team is committed to bringing out successful projects with excellent stone works. We have the capacity and knowledge to act as a dedicated, reliable stone supplier. We look forward to serving you with our stone expertises.

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